I value marriage. I believe that our lives are made richer by having someone special to talk to, to share our hopes and dreams with, and to laugh and cry with as each new experience arises. I have been married for over 40 years and have six children, three grandsons, and a granddaughter. I was a teacher, and love to meet with people and hear their stories. I take my role as a Marriage Celebrant very seriously, and I will listen to you and work with you to develop your perfect ceremony.


When we commit to a person, we have many beliefs and ideas about the way our future will be with that one special person. Sometimes, we want to say publicly what we feel about them; to have romantic words, poems and vows included in the ceremony. But that is not always the case: some people prefer to keep their intimate feelings private and just share the legal wording. It’s the same with rituals- some want their ceremony to be rich with symbols about their love, their family, their hopes and dreams. Whatever you decide, it’s your day, and the ceremony should be what you want. There is no celebration too big or too small, as long as it reflects your hopes and ideals.


Choosing a celebrant with whom you can communicate and feel relaxed is really important. I am happy to meet with you or chat over the phone to discuss your wedding, free of any obligations. You only make a booking with me if you feel truly comfortable that you have made the right decision in selecting me as your celebrant.




Choosing a celebrant with whom you can communicate and feel comfortable is really important. As a Marriage Celebrant, my role is to listen very carefully to what you want and then help you transform your ideal celebration into a reality. In my experience, some couples have been planning their wedding day for years and can tell you every last detail, while others want to hear lots of ideas so they can decide what suits them. I have many resources for you to look through for readings, poems, vows and rituals, but I am happy for you to use your own ideas, including writing your own material. Cultural and religious traditions and rituals can also be incorporated so your ceremony reflects your beliefs and heritage.


The loss of a loved one is often a very difficult time, but also provides an opportunity to celebrate their life and honour their memory. My role as a celebrant is to support you during this time and design a ceremony that will serve as a lasting memorial to them.


The arrival of  baby is a wonderful, life changing experience. A naming day is the non religious equivalent of a Christening, a celebration of the birth and naming of your child with family and friends. 


As we reach milestones in our marriage, it's important to celebrate them. An ideal way to mark these milestones is to renew your wedding vows. Whether you want to recreate your special day years later, or create an entirely new ceremony to include family, friends, and all of the wonderful things life has brought your way, I will work with you to develop your wedding: the sequel. 

If you are looking for an experienced, sensitive celebrant to work with you to plan any of the above ceremonies, please do not hesitate to get in touch for an obligation free chat. 



Based in Melbourne & rural Victoria.

Please phone me on  0400 229 284  so we can discuss your ceremony.

or email me at jillcaruanacelebrant@gmail.com

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